Entry #19

20 fans and 3 views on youtube!

2015-06-03 11:16:35 by N1nj4X

So... my new song got 3 views on youtube. lol for anyone this is nothing but for me this is awesome. I thought nobody was going to listen my music in first place. Thank you, these little things are the ones that make me happy :)

Here's it if you want to listen it.

I also got 20 fans! Wow, thats so incredible! Thank you guys, luv u <3


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2015-06-03 12:00:04

Ahah, I know how that feels! Congrats, I still rememer my firsts...

Now it should be at least 4 times... if YouTUBE counts it right.

So... why you put the angry emoticon then?

N1nj4X responds:

Haha, thanks mate :)

About the angry emoticon, it's my favorite emoticon. I put it in every place, even in forum posts lol